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USSR in Construction Magazine, Number 4, 1932. English Edition. This magazine employed the very best designers, typographers and photographers including:

El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova and John Heartfield.



Campagne De Norvege: Forming part of  research into the Spanish Republican soldiers drafted into the French Foreign Legion, who went on to fight at the Battle of Narvik, 1940.

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Willy Ronis Photographies. Edition du Desastre, 1989, Paris.

Second World War  "Their Fight is Our Fight' Issued by The UK Ministry of Information, 1941.

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Controversy from day one.  London's  Evening Standard's front page shows both a 'reproduction'  of the moment and the official NASA photograph of the moon landing.  And, an inside story suggests moon landing photographs could have been made in a studio.  July 20th, 1969.



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