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A Harrison Marks Maximus 8mm film - 'Ellie-Bob & Elizabeth'. Harrison Marks was a ´glamour´ photographer and pornographic filmmaker based In Gerrard Street, Soho.

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Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 14.57.31

The Sunday Times Magazine, November 23rd 1980. 'Twenty-four hours in the life of SOHO'. Photographs by William Klein.

SOho cadet website

Soho Cadet 120 film camera, circa 1933.  Materials: Bakelite ('Rosewood') and leather. Manufactured by Soho Ltd. Soho Square. London.

Photograph by Sunday Times's photographer Michael Ward.  Title (recto): 'Chinese Poster, Gerrard Street'. Dated March 2nd 1972.  Vintage silver gelatine print.

Credit News UK Archive.

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Soho in the early 1970s - a place to find some love. Credit News UK Archive.

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